Are you ready to devote time to both curing an incurable disease and increasing your physical fitness?

The 2016 BP MS150 is April 16th and 17th, consisting of a two day ride. The first day we can ride 100, 83, or 76 miles (depending on where you start in Houston) to reach Fayette County Fairgrounds in La Grange. They will take your bag from you at the start, so it can join you at the end of the day will all your clean clothes and toiletries. There will be rest stops about every ten miles or so, and there will be a free lunch provided at Bellville, which is about half way in the trek. When we reach Fayette County Fairgrounds, we’ll be treated to a free dinner and our club will get a few tents for everyone to sleep in. There will also be showers on site, which your tentmates will be thankful for.

Day 2 will begin with a free breakfast, and then you have two options to go either the more scenic Bechtel Challenge Route to Austin (77 miles) or the shorter Lunch Express Route to Austin (66 miles). So, depending on which routes you chose to take, the MS150 can be either 142 miles or 177 miles! Again, there will be rest stops about every ten miles or so, and a free lunch will be served at Bastrop and there will be more free food at the finish line in Austin.

After you’re done eating in Austin, you can get showered off at the portable showers the BP MS150 provides, and then a bus will take us (and a semi will take our bikes) back to Houston.

It’s an incredible ride for cyclists of all levels (although very long), and we hope that you will join us this year!

More 2016 info coming soon!